Voice UI start-up PharynxAI brings the magnificence of Urdu shayari by Rekhta to Amazon Alexa

Rekhta shayari skill is now available on Amazon Alexa, allowing connoisseurs of Urdu poetry to listen to their favourite ghazals & poets

Noida, June 5, 2020: PharynxAI, a voice UI start-up developing voice based technologies and applications for innovative use cases has successfully developed Alexa skill (app) for Rekhta Foundation, which brings the largest collection of Urdu poetry and literature to Amazon Alexa ecosystem.  With this new Rekhta skill (app), poetry lovers can enjoy hundreds of Urdu poems and shers categorised according to poets and genres like Love, Sadness and Humour with simple voice commands. . The new skill will let fans and followers of shayari (urdu poetry) listen to their favourite poets on Amazon Echo range or Alexa enabled devices. With a rich repertoire of over 1000 shayari tracks by over 50 different poets, users can just ask Alexa to play the shayari on the basis of the theme or the name of the poet.

The Rekhta Skill can be launched in both English and Hindi languages by saying “Alexa, open Rekhta / Alexa, Rekhta Shuru karo”. Additionally, the users can listen to the couplets by genre, mood or poets.  Just ask, “Alexa, tell me a love shayari” or “Alexa, play shayari by Rahat Indori”.

Speaking on the launch of this skill Sanjiv Saraf, founder – Rekhta Foundation said, “Rekhta has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to bring Urdu literature and adab closer to its fans and followers. Our new Alexa skill is another step towards the endeavour of elevating user experience and make it easier for poetry lovers to access Urdu shayaris. Conventionally performed in gatherings Urdu Shayari has been one of the foremost poetry tradition in the Indian subcontinent. However, with changing times the ever-increasing charm of poetry has reached personal devices and Echo devices and Alexa enabled smart devices perfectly fit in the environment of personal leisure time and we are pleased to bring this home for the lovers of the language”

According to Dilip R.S., Country Manager, Alexa Skills and Voice Services, Amazon India, “Rekhta is well known in the world of Urdu poetry and has a vast record of shayaris from well-known poets across genres. With over a thousand Shayaris to choose from, we are excited about Rekhta’s new Alexa skill and believe it is a great way for poetry lovers to access and enjoy their favorite shayaris in a hassle free manner through simple voice commands at the comforts of their homes.”

 Amit Sehgal, Founder PharynxAI and development partner for the skill, said, “We are delighted having worked on this extremely wonderful use case of voice user interface technology.  It is overwhelming to have worked with two great organisations to create an experiential service for the connoisseurs of shayari (poetry) using Alexa.”

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