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We offer custom, branded VoiceTech solutions with the help of our expert team so you can communicate with your customers seamlessly anytime, anywhere. volume_up

Our Mission is to Help You Build Better Branded Voice Experiences

Our mission is to create the voice-enabled world around us. We work on the latest & advanced technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Dialog Flow and more just to ensure a unique cutting-edge experience for our customer's audience. volume_up

Voice Apps

With voice assistants integrated on an app, user can switch to hands-free searching through the entire content. Mobile App voice recognition will be a huge asset in the future. Voice search assistant can be integrated into existing apps as well irrespective of platform on which it’s built. Both Android/iOS apps are configured that they can be developed to work by voice command. volume_up
voice polls

Voice-based Surveys is one of the applications of speech recognition and natural language processing. It is one of the most efficient ways to collect raw inputs from the field, as they say “From the horse’s mouth”.Voice-based survey is an efficient tool that brings insights from various channels directly to the organization.


Voice Bot

Asking for help should be easy. And fast. Voice bots are voice-powered user interfaces that can understand natural language and use it to converse with people. Simply put, they are computers that can converse like people. For your business, these bots are a scalable way to interact with your customer and speed up resolutions.


Voice Site

You have had a website for years; it’s time to give your brand a voice now! Voice site as we call it is the integration of voice into your website. That makes scrolling through the website a seamless experience.

Transcription App

Qualitative methods use interviewing and discussions for which we have developed Voice Applications Tools with voice recognition & natural language processing to capture inputs. We use proprietary Auto Transcription bots to covert input to usable data. We support over 40 languages                                                            volume_up

Technologies We Work On