Alexa, Open Rekhta

Urdu Shayari by Rekhta to Amazon Alexa


PRESS RELEASE Voice UI start-up PharynxAI brings the magnificence of Urdu shayari by Rekhta to Amazon Alexa Rekhta shayari skill is now available on Amazon Alexa, allowing connoisseurs of Urdu poetry to listen to their favourite ghazals & poets Noida, June 5, 2020: PharynxAI, a voice UI start-up developing voice based technologies and applications for […]

Alexa, Open Digital Diwali

Yeh Diwali Gharwali Diwali!


PRESS RELEASE VUI specialist PharynxAI announces innovative voice based ‘Digital Diwali’ to celebrate the festival within the comfort of home without harming the environment. Yeh Diwali Gharwali Diwali! The application is available on Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant enabled devices including Smartphones where users can engage with several fun activities through voice. Noida […]