VUI specialist PharynxAI announces innovative voice based ‘Digital Diwali’ to celebrate the festival within the comfort of home without harming the environment.

Yeh Diwali Gharwali Diwali!

The application is available on Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant enabled devices including Smartphones where users can engage with several fun activities through voice.

Noida – Friday, November 13, 2020: Voice User Interface start-up PharynxAI has launched ‘Digital Diwali’, a voice-based application allowing users to celebrate Diwali using any Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled device. Users can simply interact with the application and engage in fun activities which include facts, trivia, and virtual crackers.

Digital Diwali 1

On this occasion, Amit Sehgal, Co-founder, PharynxAI, said, “We are evangelizing voice as the next medium of digital engagement which brings natural interaction with the devices and applications. We thought ‘Digital Diwali’ voice application would be an innovative way to allow users enjoy the fun elements of festival of lights where they can play a quiz as well as sounds of popular crackers while at home.”

“Digital Diwali gives users an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family virtually, without harming environment by polluting the air,” Amit added.

How to use Digital Diwali

Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistant
1.Enable Digital Diwali skill on the device.1.       Open Google Assistant on your device.
2.Invoke the skill by ‘Alexa, Open Digital Diwali’.2.Invoke the application by ‘Talk to Digital Diwali’.
3.Select the option of uncovering facts, trivia or playing cracker sounds.3.Select the option of uncovering facts, trivia or playing cracker sounds.

The voice application gives a blend of learning about Diwali as well as enjoying fun activities. Without harming environment by adding to the pollution level by bursting crackers, the app allows users, especially children enjoy the sounds of several popular crackers like anar, sutli bomb, pencil, chakri among others.

About PharynxAI:

PharynxAI is a voice UI start-up helping brands and other organisations to enable themselves on voice platforms to serve various use cases including branding, content dissemination, lead generation, learning, pre-sales and many others.

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