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Get your branded, customized Alexa Skills & Google Actions. Branded and customized Alexa Skills and Google Actions refer to creating voice-driven applications specifically tailored for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant platforms.

Voice Survey

"Alexa, Open Rekhta"

Rekhta.org is the world's largest website for Urdu poetry and literature. Enjoy shers categorized according to poets and categories like Love, Sadness and Funny shayaris. With around a thousand Shayaris to choose from, it is the best way to enjoy poetry on Alexa.

"Alexa, Open Indian Mobility Quiz"
"0k Google Talk to Telecom Quiz"

Just ask your Alexa or Google Assistant device "Open Indian Mobile Quiz" to enable this skill. Discover questions around Indian telecom & mobility and test your knowledge through this interactive experience. Alexa will ask you questions and you will be given 4 choices out of which one option is correct. If given a wrong answer, you will be moved to next question. If you don't know the answer, you can also skip the question.


"Alexa, Open Smart Indian Survey"
"0k Google, Talk to Smart Indian Survey"

Smart Indian survey was designed for techARC to conduct a research and gather insights on the basis of user's responses across the smart devices ecosystem. User was asked set of questions by Alexa which collected responses in real-time after invoking the skill. The skill had a feature to resubmit or refill the form as per the user's needs.

"Alexa, Open Digital Diwali"
"Ok Google Talk to Digital Diwali"

Just ask your Alexa device or Google Assistant device to enable this skill using the mentioned invocations. Discover facts, trivia and the sound of crackers through this interactive voice user interface. Alexa will ask you to choose from the three categories of Diwali Facts, Diwali Trivia & Diwali Crackers. You can choose either of the categories and explore without even lifting a finger.


"Alexa, Open Christmas Rituals"

Christmas is here to spread unlimited cheer! Enjoy Christmas bedtime stories, carols, and recipes just by asking Alexa to begin with Christmas rituals. Alexa, Open Christmas Rituals!