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Voice Technology

Voice-based Surveys is one of the applications of speech recognition and natural language processing. It is one of the most efficient ways to collect raw inputs from the field, as they say “From the horse’s mouth”.




Google Action

Google actions work on both – smartphones & smart speakers. They provide a set of commands and lets you create an application that will work on the user’s voice.

Amazon Alexa Skill

Alexa skills provide a set of in-built capabilities which eases various functions like playing music, controlling lights & other devices within Wi-fi premises.

Text to Speech

Create a unique voice to represent your brand across all your customer touchpoints. Our text-to-speech converts all the text into one-of-a-kind voices with the help of speech synthesis.

Voice Bot

Voice bots are voice-powered user interfaces that can understand natural language and use it to converse with people. It increases the scalability and make the business operations more smoother.

Voice Enabled Form

Voice Driven Web Forms has used the power of speech to interact with the web. In no time, the application will provide support for all the local languages and will help users to read or write content.