Voice-based Surveys is one of the applications of speech recognition and natural language processing. It is one of the most efficient ways to collect raw inputs from the field, as they say “From the horse’s mouth”.

Voice-based survey is an efficient tool that brings insights from various channels directly to the organization. The outcome is a unique interactive experience in capturing customers’ insights that would either be missed by a quantitative survey or becomes too expensive via a qualitative survey.

Our solution aims to enable companies to collect feedback from various touch points such as web, app, and voice platforms like Alexa and Google, ensuring that no customer is missed.


Works on any smartphone

Reach users via Google Assistant on their smartphones

Customised Voice Apps

Reach users via customised Voice apps or integrate it on any existing software

Actionable Insights

Survey results are run through our proprietary transcription engine and overlayed with customized sentiment analysis, to provide actionable insights.

Increased Engagement

Building a new and engaging way to reach your customers, it encourages sharing real feedback.



You can distribute surveys through multiple channels wherever your target audience is - web, email, app, social media etc.

Analytics & Insights

Your data gets special treatment of ‘sentiment analysis’ along with real-time analytics on the recorded voice responses. Turn every customers’ voice into insights for the company

Cost & Time Saving

Reduces time and cost that companies bear to get their surveys filled from multiple sources

Case Study

Take a look at our ‘Smart Indian Survey’ developed for a market research company to collect responses via Smart Speaker i.e., Alexa and Google Assistant. The objective was to capture the insights on how connected Indians are responding to the promising smart device ecosystem. The survey collected 350+ responses through Alexa and Google voice platforms.